and so this is love…

And so here it is…

I have finally felt it. A feeling so real, so raw, so genuine that it scared me. It scared me so much that it actually made me cry. Not because I expected something in return and not because I was sad. But because it was such a bittersweet moment. I was so happy and extremely proud and even though I couldnt share the moment with you, that is perfectly okay. It was nothing I’ve ever felt before. It was so honest that it took me by surprise. I was left speechless. I didnt expect that I would react in such a way. I actually expected the opposite. Sadness, regret, anger. But not at all. These feelings never even came close.

And that’s when I knew… it was LOVE.

Pure, sincere and unadulterated love.

In all honesty, no one had ever made me feel that way. It’s quite unsettling that in my past 3 decades of existence and the only other serious relationship I have ever been involved in, had never made me feel such powerful emotions. It was only you, the person who once upon a time was someone to call my own, had been the catalyst that allowed me to feel it.

Even though you wont ever know or even realise that you made me feel this way. Thank you so much.

This feeling I will always treasure.

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