the devirginisation of a blog virgin.

You would have already figured out that this is my first ever blog post.

I’ve heard of blogs, read blogs and even tried to make a blog but never gotten past the stage of actually writing a blog. That was in 2010…yep. I cant even remember the password to that one now.

Oh f*ck it.

So what makes a successful blog? What topics do you write about? How do you change the background to make my page look ‘cool’? How do I add pictures? How often should I be blogging? Everyday? Once a week? Once a month? Could I handle the critiques of the reader? Well, if I had at least one person reading my sh*t that’s a successful blog to me right there.

Forgive me for all the questions. I’m quite new to this bloggity blog world.

So what’s my page all about?

Well, as per the title of my page, anything goes. Sometimes I will have the occasional bouts of emotional and mental diarrhoea and I’ll blog about it. At times I probably cant be arsed. I’m that person who has a million things going on in my head. Call me crazy. That’s fine. Aren’t we all a little loopy? I can just admit.

Blogging is my outlet. It’s cheaper than therapy. Free actually. So its a win, win situation.

So what the hell made me want to start blogging?

Well, I’ve written little notes (on facebook) here and there. Never actually showed anyone before but there was one note I let my cousin read and she was actually the one who suggested I start one. I think just the thought of having people I know read my every thought is never-wracking. Too much pressure, but then I thought YOLO (who at my age says that?)

…everything else is history.

Oh, before I forget, I do apologise for any profanity or you get offended with anything you find on my page. The profanity is only for emphasis and anything I may blog about that offends you is all about perception. However you perceive or react to my blog is fine with me. I mean no harm and the last thing I would want to do is offend you. So comment away.

..and that is it. my first ever blog done. *pats self on the back*

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